A Trust Exercise

Let’s play a naughty game. I’m going to whisper very, very quietly so that you’ll have to turn your volume all the way up to hear me. You’re not allowed to wear headphones. Your wife is in a nearby room isn’t she? That’s what makes this game so fun.

I shouldn’t really call it a game, should I? That implies that I’m playing with you, that you’re my toy. It’s more of a… trust exercise. You can trust me.

So relax, you’re safe… I promise.

I know you’d be so busted if I just started yelling, if I suddenly shouted out “You’re such a pervert!” It would definitely get somebody’s ears prickling.

It is tempting…

It’s so sexy what a dangerous position you’re willing to put yourself in for me. You know that I could ruin your life just by raising my voice.

Either way, you’re gonna cum so hard knowing I have this power over you.

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