A Summer of Service

The woman has tied the man up in a chair. The woman sits on the man’s lap in order to stimulate the man’s penis. After this she uses her hands to stimulate the man’s penis until he ejaculates. In colloquial terms this is called “a handjob.”

this video is what came of a day-long trial run with a young man who I have agreed to take on as a helper for the summer.

I use the word helper” because “slave” is so dated and “apprentice” implies free will and “prisoner” implies reluctance. The best word for him is my servant. This is the first time, truly, ever, I’ve accepted a live-in client in a 100% subservient capacity. I’ve turned down many, many men over the years; I don’t need a live-in “slave,” and if I did, if I realized one day it might be nice to have a boy-type person around, it seemed unlikely I’d find the right person for such a kinky, unique, potentially sexually dangerous role.

My helper-boy emailed me once a week, every week, for a full year. His letters were well-written; his fascination with fetish evident, and most importantly, he seemed as submissive as he was devoted. Without one word of encouragement or a shred of hope, he spent 52 weeks trying (humbly) to convince me he was worth my time.

He was. Worth every second. This video is from one of the first nights we spent together. It’s obvious a change has taken place, you can see it in my face; our chemistry is beautiful. He’s totally blind(folded), and there’s no way I can see his face, but it’s like we’re making eye contact anyway, through the whole thing.

This is the beginning of something different. Scary, maybe, but that’s not a bad thing. I don’t know how this is going to end, but helper-boy has signed a contract that requires him to live and “work” with me till Sept. 1. A lot of that work will involve experimental bondage positions and gear; he’s going to be my little lab subject. ….

Something changing, I can feel it, can’t you?

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