I just came back from doing some errands and I noticed that my son was looking at the flyers…again. We started a conversation where I was trying to understand what he keeps looking for by always going through them. He was really embarrassed about the situation, but it lead to exposing something I wasn’t expecting! He was getting gloves… Ok, but it wasn’t even winter! That was strange, he was hiding something from me. Then, I learnt that it was women’s gloves! Discovered his secret, he has a knit gloves fetish! I asked him if he ever experienced anything about his fetish before. He knows I’m very open minded mother, I wanted to make him feel what a woman’s touch feels like through the gloves, so I dropped his pants! Started to stroke his cock, my little sweetheart, he loved it! Even helped me a little more to get rid of any possible awkwardness that could be from having his mom jerking him off. I pulled out my big titties and made them bounce while stroking his hard penis. Mommy made him a very happy boy in the end, he got to let it go, all of it!

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