Ruined In A Balls-Pulling Predicament Position

My slave seems to have the impression that he has strong balls and legs – we’ll see today which one of these is stronger. I will tie his balls to a table with his knees bent and we’ll see how he fares in this predicament position. At first, he will be ok with the position, but soon his tense leg muscles will start to hurt, he will wish to stretch his legs, but that would put a enormous strain on his balls, which I’m not sure he can take.
So why don’t I make this more interesting and disrupt his focus on coping with the predicament by teasing him with My almost naked body. What would he say about a release, wouldn’t he just love it? I might give him one, but I’m going to take My time, I’m enjoying seeing him in this difficult position too much. Teasing and edging him, seeing his legs tremble more and more and his frustration every time the orgasm eludes him – what can be more fun than that? When I finally allow him to cum, filling the table with a huge load of cum that just keeps dripping in an apparently never-ending stream, he is so exhausted, that even though the orgasm was totally ruined, he’s not able to have another one. Not a satisfactory one, at least. What a pathetic loser, the only thing he deserves now is to eat his filth, licking and sucking the puddle off the table.

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