Oral Overdose 6 with Kira & Lucy Part A & B

Part A

Kira and Lucy deliver a soft and slow blowjob for about 30mins in Part A. It begins with a strip tease that includes some girl on girl teasing. They start off wearing white (Kira) and black (Lucy) sets of lacy lingerie and slowly strip for the camera. Lucy begins teasing and licking Kira’s nipples, Kira rubs Lucy’s pussy and then she takes it all off. Lucy gets to work on the dick off camera while Kira finishes taking off her lingerie. Kira watches at first then joins in. The lame ass piano music they use for this part really ruins it for me. The rest of this scene is close up oral with each girl taking turns sucking off the camera guy and since this is Part A there is no cumshot.

Part B

The girls continue back and forth and sometimes both together with lots of eye contact throughout, sucking… licking… teasing… until Kira ends up with the load on her tongue. It also gets a bit messy and she plays with the cum for a bit before the scene is over. Not much else to say about this part as it is a little short.

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