MandyFlores – Fart Punishment III – Farting

you’re an agent which works against terrorism, and you have your own way of punishment when you catch a terrorist (facefarting / forced facesitting / ass smothering / ass worship / interracial and verbal domination / dirty feet). demolish him with long suffocating facesitting on him, he almost pass out, don’t hesitate to push his head with your hands to force him when facesitting him or after farting on him…(i’m expecting
around 8-10 farts). don’t hesitate sometimes to ask him to lick your dirty ass hole, and 1 or 2 times ask him to open his mouth and fart on him :) extra ground dirty feet, block him with it, if after a fart he turns his
head, remember him that if he tries to escape, you will block him with it and pushing him with your dirty feet to bring him at the place that he has to be : under your ass hole. escape sometimes tried or mercy requested from the slave, but you tell him to shut up, push his hands when he wants to ask mercy or escape, and remember him that he can’t do anything, you make him blocked at any time with your dirty feet under your ass (5min) and also with a belt (5min) Don’t hesitate to look at him like a dominant woman when he
suffers under your ass! like in the previous videos i would like to see that the expression of your face smiling about his suffer :) mandy flores, Say things like: “smell it”, “smell my asshole”, “take that”, “taste my fuckin , “can’t move your face”, “you are not going anywhere”, “force to smell my asshole so dirty and stinky”, “right in your fuckin nose”, “deeper”, “in my asshole right now”, “you piece of “,”how’s that”, di.e under my ass”, “get your fuckin face in air”, etc etc.).

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