Lydia Black, Pierce Paris – Shove Your Balls Up Your Ass

Lydia Black is wearing black pantyhose, a miniskirt and sneakers. Pierce Paris is her anal slut and wants her to fuck him in the ass. She teases him with her body, telling him that getting fucked in the ass is the best thing she’ll do to him, but first she wants him to beg.

He says he’ll do anything for her, so she grabs his balls…
Lydia makes him worship her pussy over the pantyhose, then kicks him hard in the balls. She slaps them, squeezes them, knees them… then she gets a great idea. Since he’s such an anal slut, he should shove his own balls up his ass.

She makes him do it, then humiliates him while he crushes his own balls with is own slutty asshole. Then she sits on his face and tells him she’ll finally fuck him in the ass…
Lydia is still in a domme session with Pierce. She fucks his ass with a strap on, then shoves his big balls up his ass and fucks him with his balls still up there, crushing them while she pounds his ass.

She pulls them out, then fucks him some more. Once she’s satisfied, she stands him up, tells him to spread his legs, and kicks him hard in the balls and laughs at him.

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