Galactica Defeats and Drains Impulse

Impulse arrives at the scene of a strange energy signature when stunning interstellar warrior Galactica emerges from the shadows. The fastest man alive, Impulse darts around the room, daring the alien conquerer to catch him. But with a mighty stomp of her boot, the cocky young hero loses his balance and fumbles to the floor. She digs her knee into his chest and chuckles, amused to find that the young of yet another species are so overconfident and easily defeated.

Impulse awakes restrained, Galactica inspecting her prize. She tells the helpless hero that since he doesn’t know how to use his power, she’s going to take it from him. More over, he’s going to want her to do it. She teases his cock with her ass, and goes between handjob and blowjob until Impulse can’t hold back any more and cums in her mouth. With every load she extracts from the naive superhero, Galactica grows stronger and more powerful. A weakened Impulse lies prone on the ground as Galactica gets him hard again for her pleasure, alternating between riding his face and his cock, she tells Impulse of her plans to rule the planet like a goddess, and he will just be the first of many heroes to surrender his powers to her. When she’s had her fun Galactica rides Impulse until he cums in her. She leaves the defeated hero lying on the floor with the promise to return for more soon.

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