Faulty Jockstrap 1

Young Bobby Ollerenshaw is terrified of his formidable auntie who rules with a rod of iron. What she says goes and she is not one to be disobeyed. She drags him forcibly into Allardyce’s menswear store in a furious temper. Bobby’s jockstrap is faulty and it’s barely two months old! She’s determined to have a refund or at least a replacement and is completely oblivious to her nephew’s acute embarrassment. For not only is he in the presence of his aunt and the female shop owner, but also his classmate Veronica who can’t wait to get her hands on his “inside leg”.

It’s the most embarrassing day of Bobby’s young life. Not only are his private bits being manhandled by his aunty and Mrs Allardyce but his classmate Veronica is there to witness his humiliation! He feels physically sick at the thought of her discussing his penis size with her girlfriends at school. And now she’s been asked to measure his willy! But that’s the least of his problems, as all the attention his cock is getting is starting to make him feel funny deep down inside…

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