Extreme Tease with Begging Required by Kerri King

You thought you’d come for the basic bitch striptease for YOUR pleasure?Lol. You know better. I make you plead and beg to see more of me through my sexy pink lace lingerie, but to no avail. The closer i get to giving you a peek, the more eager you become to jerk your pathetic dick. What’s it like being a jerk addict? I dirty talk and rub myself throughout to thoroughly torment you, offering the threat of a cum tax if you prematurely enjoy yourself as per usual while i dictate tiny glimpses here & there of my sexy bits. No matter what, I come out on top..financially, mentally, and supremely. You should be the most grateful for the opportunity to view me, and not be such a whiner. Bow, and watch, and learn to be utterly selfless.

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