Dick Sandwich feat. Mistress Elena

Hey Guys!

So this is a scene that again I got a few days back. From Tangent’s website I see info that this is a scene from 2019. I was kind of under the impression that her Mistress Tangent website was no longer getting updated. Guess I was completely wrong because as I was going through the site looking for any information on this scene I saw that almost (or I think pretty much everything) she is releasing on Clips4Sale is actually available on her Mistress Tangent website. I can’t confirm on her GODDESS Tangent website though as I am not able to access it from my end. Either way this is a relatively new clip that isn’t here on the site.

In this clip we see a gimp male slave on a table tied to a bondage spreader bar and Tangent & Elena watch him and make fun of him. They are both in fetish gear and are stroking their strapons as they laugh at the gimps predicament. Then the women come over and begins to finger fuck his asshole. Elena starts with one finger but then soon progresses to pushing in 4 fingers into the male slaves ass. Never goes into full out fisting though and then tangent joins in and begins to push in a couple of her fingers in as well. I mean if you are going that route just fist the slave… anyway… after they’re done warming his ass up, Elena takes first shot and fucks him in this missionary kind of piledriver position where Tangent holds the spreader bar and Elena goes to town on his ass. They spit roast the slave from both ends as they laugh and verbally berate him. Then Tangent takes a go at his ass in missionary while the slave is forced to suck on Elena’s cock. In the end, both of them make him suck on their cocks ass to mouth.

Sex Acts:

Femdom, Slave Training, Strapon, Strapon Blowjob, Anal, Pegging, Humiliation, Anal Fingering, Spanking, Humiliation, Strapon Anal Penetration in Missionary & Piledriver.

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Resolution :1280 x 720 MPEG-4
Duration :00:14:07

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