Cybill’s Rubber Fuck Toy

Cybill Troy has a shiny new rubber doll to break in with her massive 12 inch strapon
cock. She tests the durability and limits of her new fuck slut, making sure he can
take every last inch for her, front and back, while keeping his sad little dick locked
up in steel chastity so he’ll always know that Mistress’ cock’s pleasure is the only
thing that matters while he gets fucked by his new owner. After having both his ass and
throat ravaged in no particular order, he knows just how easily even a petite little
lady like Cybill Troy can break a man and make him into her latex plaything for life.

Scenes includes:  latex, rubber, boots, humiliation, gloves, strap-on,
pantyhose, strapon, gagging, fetish, anal, fucking, catsuit, spitting.

File Size :145mb
Resolution :720x406mp4
Duration :00:11:43

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