Chick or Dick

Time to make up your mind. Which do u want: chick or dick? Right now, when you Are looking at the screen, what captures your gaze the most? Are you drawn to my sexy tits, pussy, & ass? Read less
Or do you struggle 2 pull your eyes away from this huge, gorgeous, throbbing cock? Are you jealous when you see my lips wrap around this juicy cock? You’ve been confused about your desire for dick 4 awhile now. You can’t seem to quieten the curiosity that lingers in the back of your mind. Whenever u hear slurs like fag and homo you get excited. You feel your dick twitch in anticipation when you Are made to look at cocks, yet you’ve always considered yourself 2 be straight. Let me help u clear up this dilemma. Pussy and cock are both on the table 4 you. All you have to do now is allow yourself to enjoy what u desire the most.

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