Cherry & Kylie – The Last Milking

Today Goddess Kylie Rogue and Cherry Morgan pull their slut from his cage,
He has not been producing enough filth, So this is his last chance for redemption,
Goddess Cherry show the slut a huge syringe filled with a blue fluid,
As Cherry injects it into his useless slut sacks Goddess Kylie explains that he has exactly
10 minutes to produce a load because if he doesn’t get it done before
then a chemical reaction will occur and his pathetic nuts will disintegrate,
shrivel up and just fall off, The ladies laugh and begin giving this slut
the last milking of his life,They are mean and sadistic
stoking the bitches slut stick hard and fast edging him right to the brink,
finally he lets out a big sigh and fills the shot glass with a huge chunky white load
of man filth,Goddess Kylie pours it right down his throat.

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