I’m at the House of Sinn with my beautiful mistress friend. We have time to spare and want to enjoy it relaxing. However, we have a slave doing nothing and have decided to give him some training. I call him, and he crawls over to us and takes up his position. After some instruction, and allowing him to worship our beautiful stiletto shoes. We decide to intensify our sluts training. We have a fucking machine ready, and tell him he’s going to receive a good mechanical ass fucking. Wasting no time and as he’s on his knees, we line him up and quickly place the cock into his ass. My friend has the control, and she can vary the speed of his ass fucking. His training continues as I remove my shoes and get my bitch to kiss my feet. He begins to squeal, as we have some fun with the speed and thrust intensity of his ass fucking. Time to make our bitch really suffer, as he’s making some noise and I want to shut him up. I shove my foot into his mouth, and give him a good foot gagging. He begins to gargle and choke as he can’t breathe. It amuses both of us as our slut can’t escape our pleasure. We continue with his training, before finally leaving him to suffer for the rest of the day with his ass on fire…
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