Your Female Led Marriage

This was a custom video here is the script I followed….It would be really hot if you could do a video with you wearing a strapon with your sexiest pair of heels telling me how our relationship is not ever going to be the same again after you’ve discovered the fact that we are going to enter into a female led marriage. It would be super sexy if you could talk about how I’m now going to be expected to worship your feet, body and attitude. Talk about how you are going to take total control of my life, finances and duties around the house. explain how I’m expected to obey you without question, service you on demand and how I’m now going to be expected to take your strapon since now that you’re taking over the dominant role in the relationship. Talk about how I am going to be your total submissive husband. It would be hot to see you teasing me with your body telling me how I’m only going to be allowed to have my wife when you want it and not when I do and that doesn’t mean that I get to fuck you it means that you get to fuck ME.

Details: This is a femdom POV video. The performer teases you with her body and dirty talking throughout the video.

Performers: Sandra Latina

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