Violet – Consider this a warning

This is My first Financial Domination clip. Up until now I have done nothing more than SEDUCE money out of horny, love-struck subs, without making any real effort I have still taken thousands of pounds from you. This video explains why I have so far avoided explicit Findom clips – which in the online Domme world youll appreciate is rare. You should find what I say honest, illuminating and quite frankly terrifying. As I have said before, I am a player of the long game, I am all about the slow and thorough seduction, choosing My moves in such a way that I can know exactly what you will do before YOU do. For over a year now, I have teased around the subject, I have whet your appetite, always left you wanting more. And want more you do, so many of you have been BEGGING Me to make Findom clips, desperate to feel what its like to be financially fucked over by Me. Which is of course exactly what I planned. Being a Goddess of genius proportions, this is not just an incredibly arousing explanation of My thought process, an insight into what could become of you, a glimmer of the power I wield, it is also classic psychological priming. Programming. Pre-paving. Milton Erickson did all best change work with clients as he simply chatted to them. No formal hip no si s is needed to create demonstrable changes in the brain, consciousness and ultimately behaviour. My words will widen the crack in your mind and this WILL happen whether you have listened to My hypnosis or not; your predilection for findom and a beautiful, powerful Woman will ensure this.Consider yourself warned and the rest fair game.

Contains: financial domination, psychological manipulation, NLP, psychological priming, tease and denial, mental domination

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