Unsatisfactory boyfriend, Miles, is continuing his treatment with Female-Led relationship councilor, Vienna. Today Vienna is going to give Miles a good ass fucking. Regular ass fucking sessions, alongside enforced chastity, will ultimately make Miles a much more better boyfriend. Miles’ goal for the day is to learn how to cum passively while he’s locked in chastity. If he can climax from the ass fucking, he might be allowed the brief reward of getting out of the chastity device. Miles is really motivated. He’s been in chastity for a few months and he hates it. Vienna lets Miles pick his date. She offers Miles a selection of dildos. All the dildos have names. Miles can choose between John, Larry, Tyrone or Paul. Miles chooses to get fucked by Tyrone. Vienna Fucks Miles with Tyrone for a good long while. Mia stops in to see how Miles’ training session is going. Mia has been at the mall shopping with Miles’ credit card all afternoon, while he’s been getting fucked. Mia tells Miles to kiss the new shoes that she’s just bought with his money. Miles kisses his girlfriend’s shoes. Mia takes off her shoes and makes Miles worship her feet. Miles worships Mia’s feet while Vienna continues to fuck him from behind. Finally, Miles admits that he will not be able to cum passively from the ass fucking. Vienna tells him that it’s ok, he’ll just have to come back to her office for more training. In the meantime, Vienna and Mia would like for Miles to go to the mall with them. Mia wants to go back for some more things, and Vienna wants to come, too. They will need Miles to walk behind them and carry all the bags. Vienna’s destroyed Miles’ ass, and now his credit cards are going to get fucked just as long and hard.

Femdom, Humiliation, Chastity, Shoe Kissing, Foot Worship, Training, High Heels, Ass Fucking, Pegging, Strap-On

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