The Greedy Sadist Wants It All

Mistress Trish is in the mood for some “electrics” and, concurrently, to completely fuck slave fluffykins in every which way. She secures 2 conductive bands tightly onto his skin–one on his cock and one on his balls–and then slides a thick metal butt plug into his ass. Wasting little time she turns the dial up so that the slave starts to feel the pulsating electricity in all 3 tender places. The bands around his cock and balls are contracting n pulsating in a sharply painful way while the butt plug slides stimulatingly, uncomfortably in and out of his newbie ass. The combination of these sensations quickly overwhelms the slave as his body contracts with pain every time Trish inches the dial up higher. Being that Trish is the ultimate sadist she laughs as she body literally jolts in pain n gives him another twist of the dial. By the time Trish has the electrics up nearly as high as she desires she has to hold the jumping slave down using her muscular leg to pin his writhing body in place as she turns the dials again to maximize the electric sensations n sufferings that he is experiencing. She finally offers him a teeny bit of mercy–of sorts. She will give him a bit of a break from the electrics so that she can begin to fuck his ass with her big, thick cock. Of course she intend on turning the electrics back on on his cock n balls so that she can again fuck him painfully in every way. 1st, though, she wants to really take advantage of his newbie ass by fucking it hard n fast. The greedy sadist truly does want it all as she wastes no time fucking him intensely, aggressively from the get go. She laughs that she should probably give him some time to get used to it and then proceeds as before fucking him good and hard. After pounding his tight hole for a bit she decides that it’s time to add some electrics to his cock n balls. She turns the dial high up which makes the poor slave literally jump and recoil from the pain. So much so that he pushes her cock out. Trish laughs cruelly at how much agony she is able to cause so simply by a turn of the dial and then shoves her big cock back into his ass once again. She fucks him nicely with a low pulse of electricity going through his cock and balls but as soon as she gets greedy and turn the dial up far again the poor slave’s body literally recoils from the pain and jumps. Trish flips him over so that he cannot no matter what escape her big dick fucking him hard and her desire to completely fuck him over with the agony of her electrical CBT. Sure enough the greedy sadist gets what she wants. With the slave pinned in this position she is free to fuck his body in every which direction as aggressively as she desires. She thoroughly enjoys paining all of his most sensitive bits as she fucks his ass nice n hard, the pulse of the electricity making his ass hole contract around her cock. Finally satiated, after causing the slave a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort Trish leans in and praises him for taking it like a champ before she slides her big dick out and relieves his intense electric CBT suffering.

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