Seducing Your Life Away

Are you dreaming or did the most beautiful blonde you’ve ever seen just wander into your room clad in the sexiest lingerie ever? It’s all so confusing and scary, a thunderstorm rages as she seduces you. You’ve been warned about succubuses coming to you in the night to drain your soul and so you’re terrified to touch her. Despite your fear, you are aching to touch her, aching to let her climb on top of your desperate, throbbing cock. Eventually you give in and let her, it only takes a few minutes for her to drain the life out of you completely but you don’t even mind, you let her take you and she grows even more powerful.

DGJ is teasing you in her lingerie and stockings, playing a role of succubus, pretending to have sex with you.

Femdom,POV,Mistress,Goddess,Jerk Off Instruction,Dirty Talk

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