Role Reversal Blackmail feat. Mistress Kandy & Mistress Jasmine (1080p)

Mistress Jasmine is extracting revenge on her bully brother. Thing is, we all know that inside every bully is a sissy aching to emerge. So, said bully finds himself handcuffed in lingerie on little sis’s bed, and “little sis” invites her good friend Mistress Kandy over to teach him a lesson. Big brother is spit-roasted; both girls taking turns on each end. Lots of gagging (on his part) and fucking (on the ladies’ part)! And Mistress Jasmine makes sure to remind big brother his humiliation is filmed for the whole world to see.

Femdom, Humiliation, Strapon Blowjob, Strapon Anal in Doggy, Spitroasting, Spanking,

File Size :441 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:07:21

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