Craig, Gary and Titus are on a night out splashing the cash and getting high on cocaine and expensive booze. Arrogant and buoyed by the drugs they feel invincible. It’s nearly midnight and their thoughts inevitably turn to sex and where they can pick up some impressionable women to use and then discard. It shouldn’t be too hard – after all, what woman would pass up the chance for a shag with a multi-millionaire footballer? And it looks like the perfect opportunity has presented itself when a troop of glamorous stewardesses enter the bar. But these women are more than a match for a few drunken men and know just what to do to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

Jan and Donna are having a wonderful time. They’ve netted themselves a cocky young footballer and are looking forward to breaking him in. The drunken fool has no idea what he’s let himself in for. A few drinks at the bar and he took practically no persuading to join them in their room for a “roast.” Craig thinks it’s all a bit of fun at first and happily goes along when they ask to tie him up. But when Jan pulls a large strap-on from her suitcase he suddenly starts to wonder exactly who is going to get roasted…

Craig has never been in a position where he isn’t in complete control before. A total reverse in his fortunes has left him at the mercy of two imperious women. Now his arse is being pounded with a strap-on and he’s learning what anal really feels like. Donna thinks it’s time she got more involved and gets her own strap-on out. After all, he did say he wanted a spit roast didn’t he! Meanwhile Gary and Titus are congratulating themselves on their own conquests, blissfully unaware of what awaits them.

While Jan and Donna have been “entertaining” Craig, their colleagues have been having fun of their own. Gary and Titus are completely unaware of the suffering Craig is enduring. Nor do they have any idea of what Heather and Ashley have in store for them as they drunkenly grope them. The women are in control right from the start, ordering the men to strip and display their masculine physiques. But then the blindfolds are put on and the handcuffs come out and suddenly it stops being quite so much fun. And the party is about to be interrupted with the lads exposed in very compromising positions.

Now Beverly has joined the party the women really start to get into their stride. Gary and Titus regret saying they like it kinky, especially when the whips come out and are used to savagely attack their exposed genitals. Meanwhile Craig’s ordeal is far from over, his arse sore and his ego bruised from the relentless fucking. The women decide it’s time to reunite the men, riding Gary and Titus into the bedroom like show ponies. The resultant orgy is certainly not what the guys had in mind but at this party the women are calling the shots…

The women have had enough of doing all the work and order the men to wank. Having no choice but to do as their mistresses demand, the humiliated men start stroking themselves. They know that they’ll only be freed if they produce copious amounts of sperm for their captors. Exhausted and with their damaged anuses exposed the men collapse on the bed praying their ordeal is over. But one of the women pulls out a camera ready to take some very revealing video. Looks like the lads will be making the front page of the tabloids yet again!

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