Veronica Love – Fuck His Ass Till She Cums

Veronica is a strikingly beautiful new model with She Owns. She has Lance bent over, and she has a vibrating strap-on…

This new strap-on vibrates both in his ass, and has a separate motor that vibrates against her clit, so as the drives the 8” thick pink cock deeper into Lance, the vibrator pushes against her clit harder… When she has all 8 inches inside him and he is writing and squirming, it feels even better to her to gyrate around, working the vibrator against her wet pussy…

So, Veronica fucks Lance until she cums, then fucks him some more… Her tits bounce while she fucks him doggy, and her round perfect ass looks amazing as she lays him flat and pounds away with her huge tits against his back.

Veronica just pounded Lance’s ass from behind with a 8” pink vibrating cock until she made herself cum… She flipped him on his back, but she still has her huge 8” toy inside him. She makes him ride it while she lubes up his cock and starts milking it until he cums all over her.

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