I decide to really remind this loser of its place- UNDERNEATH ME. Slaves need to learn that if they want to be near me, they need to SUFFER for that privilege. Even pleasurable things need to cause pain and discomfort for slaves. And in this case, it needs to risk passsing out and losing consioussness just to have the privilege of having MY perfect pussy on its face! And I make sure he is handcuffed to the facesitting bench so he has no chance to resist me! If I remain on his face too long (and I just might!) he will lose consioussness and I have COMPLETE CONTROL over it! And I really do not care about whether he “makes it” or not LOL. Must be scary- for HIM. (It is FUN for ME!)
I really grind on this loser’s face HARD. I grind my muscular ass and even my perfect pussy on its face. I know his face and his lungs are burning- but I know he loves it anyway. I can do anything I want to these subhumans- and they are grateful for it. I sit HARD on his mouth and reach down to pinch his nose closed so I know there is NO air getting in his lungs! (And he really starts to struggle now! LOL!
Eventually I make him start “saying my name” whenever I let him up for air. Haha. And I make him scream out my email address so the other slaves watching this clip can write in to serve me- and replace him if he doesn’t make it! Which is pretty ironic, because those were actually his last words he ever spoke…lol.
Who else wants to come to Mean Girl Manor and SAY MY NAME, bitches??

Femdom, Humination, Face Sitting, Ass Fetish, Goddess Worship

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