Poppers Prostate Orgasm

Anal Masturbation, Poppers
Take a big hit from that bottle, my good boy. Today you’re going to get nice and fucked up on poppers as you play with your tight little hole. The nitrates will lower your inhibitions and loosen up that horny asshole for you to play with.

Bend over for me. Spread that ass, and show me your hole. I want you to lick your finger and then slowly insert it between your cheeks. Doesn’t it feel so good as it slides in? Two fingers, and then three. You’re all stretched out, and the pleasure is overwhelming.

You take another big hit and then begin to fuck yourself. The pure pleasure of penetration is intense, but the explosions of ecstasy from your prostate just take things to the next level.

Higher and higher as you grab a dildo for me. Are you ready to cum just from anal stimulation? Feel the dildo part your cheeks and enter your body. Fuck yourself with it. Slow and then harder and harder, and then slowly again. I’m going to make that prostate explode. I’m going to show you just how good being a butt slut for me can feel.

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