Pointy Tooth Girl Just Wants To Be Friends (1080p)

Early in the night we have seen one another from across the party, exchanging longer than usual glances. A definite spark of interest. I see your wife and wonder why you’re with such a “normal” woman, given your thoughts and wishes of being prey. I can read your mind so easily. When you leave your wife’s side, I follow. I’m delighted to watch you enter an empty bedroom. You sit, fired up with an unspoken list for this sensual beauty you’ve been exchanging looks with, and a realization that you’ll never have a life that will bear out your fantasy of being seduced and bitten, taken as a meal. That is, until I enter the room to take what’s mine.

Femdom, POV, Non Nude, No Sex, Vampire, Tease, Teeth Fetish, Homewrecker.

File Size :604 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:12:20

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