New Style Full Mouth

I had to take a break from my busy day to post this out of this world piece. It’s all in Spanish and I wish there was an English translation but you don’t need to know Spanish to know this dominatrix is spending the whole video sitting on her slave’s face and making her drink her piss. And I mean her slave’s mouth is sealed to her pussy while she unloads and you can even hear it streaming out while the poor sap under her is gulping it straight down. Most of it you don’t even see coming out until she makes a mistake near the end and gets her face sprayed and then slapped by her displeased mistress. Aside from not having any puke or scat (thank you, our most gracious and benevolent porn lords :gjob:) this is the most extreme lezdom piss video I’ve seen yet. I dare anyone to put up a straight up piss gulping scene as extreme as this and not “go there” :laugh: C’mon, I dare ya’s!

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Resolution :854 x 480 MPEG-4
Duration :00:32:55

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