Natalie Di Angelo, Rose – Watching A Movie

In this video, Frank is watching a film with two friends, Rose and Natalie. All of a sudden two girls start fucking a guy with a strap-on in the film and Rose and Natalie laugh at Frank’s reaction. He says it looks painful and doesn’t understand why any guy would like it. The girls look at each other and smile and then turn to Frank and start persuading him to try it. He is reluctant but the girls don’t give in and he eventually agrees. The girls strip him naked and admire his toned body and nice cock before stripping themselves and putting on their strap-ons. The worried Frank gets on all fours and Rose slowly pushes her strap-on up his ass. As he gets used to it she starts fucking him harder and harder. Natalie then wants a turn and they get him on his back on the sofa. She holds his legs in the air so she can slide her strap-on up his ass and Rose pushes her strap-on into his mouth. The girls then start wanking his cock and the pleasure is too much for Frank who explodes all over his stomach.

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