Naomi Swann – Man User (1080p)

Men are simply just toys that Mistress Naomi uses to please her pussy before she throws them away. She wants nothing more and nothing less than to use their pretty little mouths to give her all the orgasm a Goddess like her desires. Her playtoy is strapped in bondage and locked in chastity to put him in a total state of helplessness for Naomi. She needs nothing else than his tongue to fuck her young, tight pussy with even if he pleads and begs for so much more. He will never get what he truly wants now that his cock, body, and mind is completely owned by his Mistress. The slave must learn to be happy by being nothing more than a sex toy knowing he will never have an orgasm in his life again. The only one cumming from now on is his Mistress as she sits and rides his face for her pleasure.


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