My Feminized Fuck Doll (Part 2)

My friend’s brother is always spending his days inside playing video games, so it comes to no suprise to me that when I venture over their to visit her and don’t see her there; that I find him glued to the television screen. I ask if he’s seen her and he barely says a word, so focused in his game. I roll my eyes, unsure of what the appeal is… then I remember what I was like when I was his age. Still having an interest in collecting and playing with dolls at 18! Though I couldn’t get away with it now at my age… or could I? A smirk gracing my lips, I ask my friend’s brother if he would like something to drink; deciding to add a little something to the liquid in order to get him to “unwind”. He grabs the glass from my hands and takes huge gulps from it before going back to his game. However he isn’t playing for long. He soon puts down his controller and grabs at his head. It seems he feels a bit dizzy… exhausted? Perhaps he’s just been wired into the television for to long. He slumps over and I can’t help but laugh. I surely hadn’t planned for my afternoon to take this turn! What a pleasant surprise. When he wakes up… he, is far from a “he” anymore! Infact, it’s not even a person at all.. but a doll for my to play with. Packaged fresh in a box for my to unwrap.

I’ve already stretched my doll out for me with my hands and other devious implements. She’s finally wet and ready for my cock. I enjoy every minute in ravishing her in the most vulnerable and invasive positions as my cock digs towards her guts. It’s safe to say that her asshole will never be the same…

Miss Roper strapon fucks her sissy slave doggy style and in missionary.

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