Miss Roper – Rubber Fucker

Wearing rubber, makes me so wet. Encasing my face in a latex hood, gloves slicked onto my fingers, my tits and ass rubbing against the lubed material. The sensation is so stimulating. It truly puts me in a mood. This slave truly hasn’t the slighest clue what his throat and ass are in for. I first begin with trapping him in wooden stocks, the perfect position to fuck his face with my hands and long strap-on cock. He spits and drools everywhere, which I enjoy scooping up and smearing into his face. Dirty pig. I only set him free to put him on his back in a more vulnerable position when it’s time for my to sink my cock into his ass. I’ve position is legs high in the air so that I may grip onto them, pulling him down towards my balls as I work my hips deeper and deeper into his ass. I won’t be satisfied until I have this bitch gaping.


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