Miss Roper – Bound Gimp Filled By Miss Roper

There is no words to describe the pleasure I feel when I drive my cock deep into a gimp’s ass, feeling him squirm and thrash underneath me as I work my hips and sink further down it’s hole. I’ve got this one’s legs spread wide open for me, belted down along with the rest of it’s body to a piece of bondage furniture, ass lifted up towards the air. A sensory deprivation hood only possessing two small holes in it’s nose for breathing muffling it’s cries. This, is my fetish. A wicked smile spread across my black lips as my eyes lock in onto the sight of my gimp’s tight ass sucking my cock in all the way towards the balls, the sounds attempting to leave from it’s hood making me not only wet; but laugh. My gimp becomes completely undone by my strokes, pushing it’s legs so far back to force my way further inside that the straps snap off. This only pleases me more as wrap my hands around his legs and raise them towards the ceiling, flesh handlebars. This, is me in my element.

Miss Roper has her slave tied down on a fucking bench/chair and strapon fucks him in missionary.


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