Military Sodomy

“The plot is this one: k032 freshman is a rather clever soldier, he has not yet understood what his real duties are inside the barracks but above all he always tries to evade the orders that are given him by superiors. After he received many reproaches, the thing it’s repeating too much, it takes something strong to call him back to order once and for all. The picket officer thus reported to Lieutenant Iside the inadequate behavior of this new freshman. He needs a particular punishment and for this reason he will be taken away from prying eyes. At this point the young freshman is alone with the lieutenant and he immediately understands that this punishment will be different, this time in fact he was really kicked into a big trouble. The lieutenant hits him several times on the belly with the truncheon so as to force him to bend with his head resting on the wall. After having untied his uniform trousers, the lieutenant puts his truncheon into his ass so as to enlarge his anus without mercy. At this point she makes him turn and forces him to suck her big cock just like a real slut, this is of course just the prelude of what it will happen soon. K032 freshman will pay a very high price this time and he will do it by his ass, having to satisfy the irrepressible desire of Lieutenant Iside who will have fun fucking him in a very brutal way between moans and screams of extreme suffering. Every time in fact the young soldier will dare to oppose some resistance he will be immediately hitted with truncheon and this will be good to tame him completely until the final goal is reached.

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