Ludella – Smother Compilation

1. Smothering Brother to Get What I Want
“I know how to get what I want, so when my brother tells me he can’t bring me to my 6am practice because he has to work…I present a very convincing argument: my BIG BUTT on his face. Haha. It’s funny, too, because I think he actually likes it, even though he begs me not to do it. And that’s why I come in wearing just my bra and THONG. I figure how can he say no to that? I start teasing him about how I know he likes it, being shoved between my butt cheeks. He denies it, but I know that he always says “no” to me at first just so I’ll sit on his face and smother him to get him to say yes. So I bounce my big butt on his face, laughing at him, and smothering him beneath my big butt and between my cheeks. He pretty much agreed to do it after just a couple of minutes…but I still want some fun, so I keep sitting on his face for a while, make him kiss my ass, and when I’m finally bored because I have better things to do, I make him pinky swear that he’ll take me, and then I tell him it’s time for my favorite part…putting him to sleep. Haha. He begs me not to, but I put him to sleep anyway. I’m such a brat, and I always get what I want…or I’ll sit on some faces until I do. My poor brother never has a chance.”

2. Skipping School Brother Smother
Jason sneaks into his little sister’s room while she’s at school so he can read her diary. But because Nessie has cut class, she catches him in the act. He threatens to divulge her naughty secrets to their mother if she rats on him…so she needs to do something to keep his mouth shut. She’ll put him in his place…BENEATH HER BIG BUTT! She throws him down on her bed and jumps on it, lifting up her skirt and dropping her big butt on his face. Now he can’t talk. Everything is muffled moans and whimpers. After a while she asks him if he’ll still tell their mom. If he hesitates to answer or gives the wrong answer, she sits back on his face, bouncing her big butt on him with his nose wedged inside. And then…she gets the idea to take it further… Not only will he not tell on her, but he’ll be her personal chauffeur. He’ll drive her around all day…actually…all month! She’ll keep cutting class and bring him into her scheme. “I’ll get in big trouble if Mom finds out…” He whimpers. “You think she’ll be mad? Hmm..well, it’s either that or you will have THIS all over your face every day!” She says bouncing hard on his face full force. “You’ll be kissing my ass…LITERALLY.” She muffles him completely before giving him a chance to respond. “If you don’t do what I want, then every morning…I’ll just come into your room and surprise smother you on your bed.” “No, please, don’t.” He begs. “It’s funny how the tables have turned, huh? You come snooping in my room for materials to blackmail me, and you end up being blackmailed yourself. Karma’s a BITCH,” she says, dropping her big ass on his face. Then, in spite of his begging, she decides to put him to sleep to guarantee his silence about her skipping class…and her naughty diary secrets…

3. Ass Addiction: Your Face is MY Cushion – POV Facesitting
Get addicted to my ass (or feed your addiction) by watching this POV ASS WORSHIP and SMOTHER clip. Your face is just a seat cushion for my BIG WHITE BOOTY and I’ll treat it as such, with your nose crammed into my perfect butt crack. I taunt and tease you with my perfect ass, knowing right where you want to be…then I twerk right on your face. Haha.

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