Lexi Belle, Daniel

Lexi Belle comes to clean a dirty hotel room, inside there’s a guy tied up and BDSM implements are scattered about, including a strapon cock. The guy begs Lexi to untie him, but Lexi has figured out what kind of guy this is, he’s the kind of guy that trashes a hotel room and leaves the mess for a maid like Lexi to clean up. So Lexi belts on the strapon cock and goes to town on Daniel’s ass, taking out the years of frustrations on her bitch. She orders Daniel to lick her toes, then to fuck her hard. Daniel cums without permission, so in punishment he’s bound to the ground where Lexi sits on his face. She ties twine around his cock and balls so tight they turn an eerie dark red. This, she reminds him, is her cock now, and she may well be back with a friend later.

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