Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave: Chindo

Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty make their slave beg them to fuck Kitty. The good news is that he will be able to fuck Kitty. The bad news is that he won’t be using his own pathetic cock, as if he would ever be worthy of that honor. He is forced to fuck Mistress Kitty using a dildo gag. Mistress Kitty and Goddess Valora shove the chindo into the slave’s slutty mouth. Kitty gets up on to the bondage table on her hands and knees with her perfect round ass in the air. Goddess Valora takes the bitch by the collar and forces him to fuck Kitty doggy style with his dildo gag. Kitty then flips over and spreads her legs while Goddess Valora encourages the slave with a riding crop to fuck Kitty more enthusiastically. After the slave pleases Kitty to her satisfaction with the chindo, the slave is allowed to take a break. They remove the gag from his mouth and Kitty tells her slut how pleased she is with him. The only problem is that the Ladies find a bunch of pre-cum that the pathetic slut dripped all over the floor. This bitch is in trouble now!

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