Kelle Martina – Aching for Release

Be a fly on the wall as I tease by poor caged victim. HIs wrists and ankles are locked in chains, and his aching cock has been locked in a steel cage. I have just removed his cruel cock cage to expose his vulnerable and aching dick.

I tease his cock relentlessly, jerking hard and fast, then slow and painfully. He knows he has no control over his pleasure, and has to submit to my teasing to earn his orgasm. Finally, grant him his wish…

You can see the delight in my eyes as I tease and deny his cock again and again!

This clip includes: chastity, cock tease, forced orgasms, teasing, handjobs, bondage, real life domination, and Female Domination.

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 Windows Media
Duration :00:15:56

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