How dare you touch my ass Role-Play

Exquisite Goddess makes you worship her ass as punishment for trying to touch it. She records you as you kiss her ass and threatens to post the recording if you are not willing to be her slave. Lots of ass worship and jerkoff encouragement as she teases you in a mini skirt

Did you really think you can touch my ass and get away with it? At school?!! I will teach you a lesson! Tricked you and got you tied up,gagged and inserted a big butt plug up ur ass! Yeah! You still think you are big and strong??!! All this because you just had to touch my ass!!! As punishment I will record you and post this all over the school…..unless you are willing to become my slave! You have to worship my ass and kiss it as I command and after I am satisfied with the material I will countdown from 10 to 1 and allow you to cum in your pants! From now on you are my bitch and you will never dare to touch me ever again! *Inspired by a custom clip order

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