Harley Quinn has the boy wonder by the balls and pinned against a brink wall.  She is wearing a large strap on.  She squeezes his cock and balls, spins him around and pulls out a secret clown injectable “slut” formula and jabs it into Robin.

“This is going to make you a disgusting horny slut.  You’re gonna be begging for my big clown cock!”
Harley rips open Robin’s tights and pounds his ass from behind.  She pounds him long and hard, then deep and slow.  She humiliates him for moaning and enjoying her cock.  Even though he’s humiliated and it hurts, he is craving more because of her horny clown syrum…

She grabs his throat and throws him on his back on the bed of a sleazy motel and keeps fucking his ass.  He begs her to let him cum, so she tells him to stroke his cock while she fucks him.  Harley makes him cum all over his Robin uniform.  “I can’t wait to tell Batman all about this…” She laughs and leaves him in shame.

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