Hands Free Orgasm – Mistress Evelyn Claire

Mistress Evelyn is an expert at edging out a slave’s big load from their helpless balls. There is nothing more satisfying to her than getting a tied up boy so on the edge that he can cum buckets without a hand even on his cock. A true ruined orgasm! With every stroke of pleasure comes a bit more pain to his balls as she slowly closes the vice inch by inch making it as tight as it can possibly go. Once the vice has his balls a beautiful shade of purple then she knows it’s time to ruin his orgasm the best way she can.

Mistress Evelyn wears a nice shiny latex mini dress and high heel sandals. She put her slaves testicles into a humbler and bound him on a pole for he can’t move at all. She gives him a handjob and some strokes on his dick getting harder and harder. Finally he can’t hold it any longer and jerks off.


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