Goddess of Leather

As my gentleman approaches the black wrought iron gates, his heart
thumps, body begins to sweat, his impending arrival is moments away!

The hum of his engine purrs as he crawls up the sweeping driveway
until he reaches the majestic Manor towering above. As david steps
out of his car with a stunning bouquet of red roses, and a beautifully
wrapped gift, he experiences a pang of excitement, a thrill over-
powering his body, a thousand images race through his mind.

Oh david knows I will be wearing my exquisite leather catsuit, but
to finally see me encased in leather will be breath-taking, and the
anticipation of seeing me is almost too much to bear for his penis!

I swing open the door and greet him with a very big smile!

What an image, simply mesmerizing!

But, could he possibly know or anticipate the next few
hours? Oh NO! What became of my dear gentleman?

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