Glory Hole

Custom for Andy. Name used. Request: You appear in something very sexy and you tell your slave that you know he has been having fantasies about men, about their cocks, but just haven’t had the courage to admit it. You thought about easing your slave slowly into it, with suggestions and planting seeds of desire in his brain. But you decided that he didn’t deserve that kind of gentle treatment. So you tell him that’s why you are in this place, that you have brought him to a glory hole to find out what it’s like to really serve men’s hard cocks. You tell your slave to suck each one, one by one, sucking their superior loads of cum into his mouth and swallowing every drop. If you spill a drop, you say, you’ll have to clean it up.One cock after another, making your slave suck complete strangers and swallow all of their cum. When it’s over, your tell your slave that the next step will be to have men gang fuck him, and that he’ll do it because you command it.

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