Gaia – ass fucked interrogation

I’m with a mistress friend and today we are going to interrogate a slave. We have had him safely locked away in a cupboard for most of the day. He has been deprived of light, and with his arms bound above his head, his movement has been restricted. He is also in chastity. As we arrive our bitch begins to wriggle and try to get free, he knows that we want information from him and we are going to get it. We previously asked him for pin codes and numbers to access documents, however our bitch gave us the wrong information. This time it’s going to be different. We begin with some slaps, and nipple squeezing as we ask him for the information. He pretends to give us some codes, but we know he’s a liar. It’s time to torture our bitch and get him to talk. We have a couple of strapons, and we take turns at fucking his ass really hard. He squeals for mercy as both mistresses slap and fuck him in the confined space. Time to blackmail our bitch into talking. My mistress friend lifts the ground camera and films our bitch being fucked by me. She tells him she will send the video to his wife and family. What a great way to get our slave to start to squeal. We continue to punish him by stuffing our strapons into his mouth until he chokes. We laugh at his garggled attemps to breath as we mouthfuck him sensless. Eventually we leave him in the cupboard on his knees, and decide to go and check the information he gave us. We warn him if he has tried to trick us again, he will be severely punished on our return…


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