Doubly teased, totally denied

Securely bound, My slave is helpless and totally under the control of Domina Alexandra Snow and Myself. his fate is completely in Our hands. Will it be pleasure or pain, the chance to breathe or the joy of a full orgasm? Unfortunately for him, the slave can only react to the choices We make. Oh, he wants air to breathe when his face is burried under Our asses? It’s Our choice if he gets to. What, he wants to see Us? Again, it’s Our choice. Really, he wants a release, hahaha!? Maybe if he humps the air a little harder and longer, he’ll cum of his own accord. The more We tease him, the more We deny him, the harder his cock grows, the more pronounced his begging becomes. A cock so ugly as his, is it even worthy of any kind of release, or should it just be locked back into chastity till We decide to take it out to and toy with once again?..

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