Daria Glower, Simone Style – Caught Wanking

When Daria and her friend Simone come home they find Daria’s boyfriend wanking over a porn movie all about anal sex. Daria has also suspected that he has been wearing her panties while she is out and she is angry that he is now watching porn. Simone holds him down while Daria goes to the cupboard, returning with two strap-ons. The two girls strip off and put on the strap-ons saying that as he likes wearing panties and watching anal sex, they are going to see how he likes being the girl. Daria shoves his head onto her strap-on while Simone laughs at him sucking it. They then bend him over and Simone pushes her strap-on up his ass from behind. Daria is laughing at his discomfort as her friend fucks his asshole and soon decides she wants a turn. She positions him on the bed so she can shove her own strap-on up his ass while Simone starts wanking his cock until he cums all over her hands.

Acts include: doggy, spoon, strap on, pegging, handjob

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Duration :00:16:18

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