Daniela massage parlour 2

because of your muscular problems in your shoulder you visit daniela´s massage parlour… but you made some bad mistakes… first you didn´t fill out the inquiry schedule correctly, and second you ordered one complete hour… that means that Daniela will choose her favorite part of your body… and this is, right, your dick… she will massage your poor dick one full hour… she will not stop… again and again she makes you come… the more you ejaculate, the more you have to pay… but that´s not her only motivation… she will do a trial on you… how often will you ejaculate? or better said, how often will she make you ejaculate… for sure it´s not up to you… tied on her table, you have to wait that this long, long hour will end hopefully soon… she wants your money… so she will emty your balls… she will make them dehydrated… (different angles, different cameras – also one observation camera for voyeurs)..

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