Daisy Ducati (Drown in my squirt, slaveboy! – 17.02.2017)

When slave D. Arclyte doesn’t pay his weekly tribute to Goddess Daisy Ducati she decides to surprise him by showing up at his house to pay him a little visit. Daisy catches him rifling through porn mags and decides that this little slave slut needs to be denied. She fucks her pussy with a dildo that’s attached to his chest while he is gaged with an open mouth funnel so that very single drop of her delicious squirting cunt fills his mouth and in order to breath he must continue to swallow it all. She has his cock cinched in a metal cage and even squirts her juice all over his cock. This is the closest he will ever get to Daisy glorious cunt!

In this clip Goddess Daisy Ducati first makes her slave D.Arclyte lick and clean her shoes. Then she sits on his back and pony rides him. She puts her hands on his throat and chokes him. She puts her fingers inside his cheeks and opens his mouth wider. Then she ties a plastic dildo on his slaves chest and sits on it with her pussy. While she is sitting on his body over the dildo, she puts her foot on his face and forces him to smell and lick her feet. She also puts a mouth funnel in his mouth and with her squirt cums in her fingers, she puts her fingers in his mouth and forces him to lick her squirt. Afterwards she puts him in doggy position and fucks his ass with a strapon tied to her pussy. Then she makes him lie on the bed and continues to fuck his ass again with her strapon. In the end they give talking to producer about their experiences during the clip.

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