Cuck Lovers Condom

I told you, honey. I’m never going to fuck you again. You aren’t man enough for me – you never have been, and you never will! It was the best decision I ever made. I’ve taken a beautiful, exquisite lover who knows how to make me moan in ways you can’t even imagine. But I’m not a complete heartless bitch. I brought you back a present! The condom we used, filled with a giant load of his thick, creamy cum. You’re going to eat this! You’re going to eat it all! Maybe if you drink down the sperm of a REAL man, you’ll regain your lost masculinity! I doubt it, though. I think you’ll always be a bitch. A good cum-eating bitch. Drink up!

Scene Includes: Cum Eating, CEI, Cuckold, Forced Bi, Tease, Humiliation

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