Cruelest Beauty – Mr. Butler In Trouble

Madame Catarina has decided to inspect the cleaning carried out in her saloon by her personal butler slave and she finds plenty of things wrong so decides he needs more training and punishment. The butler slave is summoned and appears in the saloon and is used as an ashtray, a human duster and then made to comb the carpet on all fours. Soon he is being used as a human toilet brush and made to lick the toilet clean. It is then decided that it is time for his punishment and he is taken to the dungeon where Madame Catarina takes great delight in cruelly playing with her slave with her electrical toys on his cock and balls whilst she attaches her milking machine to his nipples and then his cock. The butler slave writhes in agony much to Madame Catarina’s delight and after she has milked his cock he is put back to work.
Chapter SIX- The FINALE: Madame Catarina removes the nipple pumps and soon all is ready for the slave milking to begin and for the slave butler’s balls to be emptied by the milking machine. With the machine pumping away at his cock Madame Catarina informs him he will be a long time in chastity after the milking and as he squirms on the bench she takes her riding crop to his bruised and nipples. The stupid butler writhes on the bench in a mixture of ecstasy and agony as the machine relentlessly pumps away but despite all his moaning and groaning he cannot produce a drop of cum for his Mistress. Madame Catarina decides to hand milk her slave but only enough to ruin his orgasm before leaving her butler slave to clean up his mess.


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