Crime & Punishment feat. Mistress Sidonia & Mistress Nikki

Femdom prison wardens Sidonia and Nikki are viewing one of their charges, who is being held in an outside pen for masturbating. They discuss how to deal with the situation and approach the cage, demanding he sticks his cock through the links where they start to grope it and pull his balls. They tease him, asking if he wants to fuck, he nervously tells them he would love to, the women agree and lead him to the recreation yard. The wardens have a different idea of fucking though and put on two big strapon cocks, taking control of the prisoner, fucking his face hard, before bending him over the gym horse and pegging his hole until it is gaping.

Femdom, Outdoor, Humiliation, Handjob, Masturbation, Strapon Blowjob, Strapon / Cock Worship, Strapon Anal in Doggy & Missionary positions.

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